How to avoid regaining weight?

avoid weightWomen go on a diet at least once a year. Unfortunately he lost weight becomes so hard to catch because of the lack of control with what we eat.

The statistics speak of a glaring way. In our country, just under 50% we interpret overweight and 30% is not comfortable with those extra kilos. Of those who are overweight believe that almost 60% have taken steps to overcome the overweight, either through diet, physical exercise or other methods.

In regard to women’s problems with overweight cause more fuss than men in the same situation and when put to the diets were low on average nearly 6 kilograms although 70% of cases regains the weight lost.

Among the factors explaining weight regain in women following a diet and nutrition weight loss, the priority is the uncontrolled eating. You have to psych you lose weight does not help if we have not learned is to have good eating habits that allow us not to take this on weight.

Moreover, the problem is that Spanish women are reluctant to reconcile loss diets weight with moderate exercise. Besides those women who did diet during exercise to supplement it has been discovered that most exercise leaves when it leaves the diet.

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