Healthy Snacks and Light that are not Fattening

Healthy snacksIdeas as healthy, light and tasty to enjoy lunch in the office, snack or when your kids just treat yourself feel like you still care for you. They have a very bad reputation and may not deserve it. The sandwiches are not so fattening as you might think, it all depends on what they are made. Its main ingredient, the bread should not be excluded permanently on a diet healthy and balanced.

It is rich in carbohydrates , minerals and vegetable protein but its fat content is minimal, which, combined with food which do not make these fats from which the bread is not “guilty”, a sandwich does not have to be a ” pump “of calories. On the other hand, whole grain breads, rye or cereal variety is a significant amount of fiber, very beneficial to the organism.

The classic sandwich meats like sausage, pepperoni or salami variants may have other very tasty, but healthy and appetizing. Set between slice and sliced seasonal vegetables, roast or even fruit are tips to consider when preparing a snack, lunch or light dinner or a snack different. Test for example:

It replaces the traditional “bobby” (fillet in bread) for a sandwich made ​​with two slices of bread (best lightly toasted) and two slices of thinly sliced ​​roast beef. Spread a little mustard on the slices and placed on top of the meat strips of caramelized onion. Delicious! Another possibility is to prepare this sandwich on rye (corned beef New York style). In this case, substitute the onion pickles just as good!

If you have leftover roast chicken, you have the perfect ingredient for a delicious snack. Subtract calories instead of mayonnaise using an original sauce yogurt (½ yogurt + 1 tablespoon naturally lemon juice + 1 small piece of grated cucumber). Spread the mixture on one of the tops of the bread. Place lettuce leaves and top with chicken pieces. If you like add onion, then half chopped very finely. Finish by sprinkling the set with the remaining sauce of yogurt and top with another slice.

Give a new twist to the classic ham sandwich incorporating two thin slices of fresh pineapple (including one placed slightly thick slice of ham) or half grated apple.

If what you want is something salty, you can choose the always-popular bread “tumaca” (bread with tomato and prosciutto) or varied by substituting the ham a tasty anchovy. Pickled anchovies are perfect choice for mid-morning. Place tomato slices in a sandwich tops, distributes and sprinkle with parsley anchovies chopped, close lid and the other set.

Smoked salmon is another great ingredient, low in calories, perfect for making delicious sandwiches. Toast two slices of bread and spread them a bit of cream cheese (light) type Philadelphia. Place salmon and accompany it with chopped egg and capers. Sprinkle with dill. It will be irresistible.

Who says that vegetables can not go into bread? Asa baked zucchini strips covered with grated cheese. Moreover, fry in a pan with a drop of oil a mushroom, mushrooms or asparagus (your preference). Finally, grate a clove of garlic. Assemble the sandwich by smearing the garlic in the pan and then adding the zucchini with cheese and mushrooms, a whim!

If you have leftover homemade tomato sauce, a good idea to add a beaten egg. Stir over low heat a few minutes with the sauce and have a delicious “pate” perfect for snacks. If you want to also incorporate some diced ham, the result will delight children.

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