Healthy Eating for diets

dietsYou have at hand a number of foods that are your allies when it comes to losing weight without trying to become a “torture.” Before shopping, make a list of the healthiest and those you love. Among them are a must:-

Fruits and vegetables. Are at their best. Are satiating and contain fiber, vitamins and minerals. Try to choose those that have fewer calories (calorie) such as watermelon, berries, citrus, papaya and pear. The cucumber, tomato and carrot should be the basic ingredients of your salad

Meanwhile, fennel and / or the artichokes are also diuretic and should be included in your weekly menu at least twice in lunch or dinner.

Fats under control. Choose lean meats, lean beef, chicken or turkey. Cooking healthy, limiting the minimum beer batter and fried and opting for cooking boiled, wok , grilled or baked. With a little imagination and good spices will leave you various dishes, tasty and “fat zero”.

Join the integral. Cereals, pasta, bread and rice grain provide more fiber and less calories and are equally rich. The bakery products are excluded.

Creamed or yes. Is one of the simplest ways to reduce fat intake without neglecting food. Milk, yogurt, fresh cheese, etc., are sources of vitamins and minerals like calcium, essential for the organism. If they are much less fat-fat.

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