Get a flat stomach fast

flat stomachThe properties and benefits of prebiotic plant fibers are numerous, highlighting its quality to promote a healthy intestinal flora and regulate intestinal transit of natural way, helping you to stop feeling bloated. Want to know more?

It is one of those gifts with which nature helps improve overall helping our body to regain its balance. Inulin is a soluble dietary fiber that is especially concentrated in the chicory root but also in other vegetables and grains should be in everyday use such as artichokes, garlic, onions, leeks, wheat and asparagus.

Its main action is concentrated in the intestine, specifically in the colon, as this is where you place one of its main functions prebiotic effect. This fiber, which reaches the intestine unaltered (without having been pre-digested), is able to regulate the development of the intestinal flora by stimulating the growth of beneficial microorganisms (especially bactericidal). The result is a stronger immune system and a marked improvement in intestinal transit, resulting in a proper disposal of waste and substances harmful to the body.

The intake of at least four to six grams of inulin in the daily diet is a guarantee of an excellent digestion and light natural way to prevent the unpleasant sensation of stomach swollen. Included in the diet daily, along with other healthy foods and little exercise, may be not only a source of welfare, but a great ally of your silhouette.

This being its main beneficial effect is not the only one. Recent studies show that inulin has other properties that could prevent or improve many dysfunctions or diseases of our bodies, among which should be highlighted:
Helps reduce the accumulation of cholesterol “bad” in the blood, thus preventing the occurrence of heart disease.
By regulating intestinal transit, contributing to relief of digestive problems and is especially recommended in cases of constipation .
Improves the absorption of various minerals and vitamins, particularly calcium. Important action to be taken into account in preventing diseases such as osteoporosis and also in the case of children and youth in growing age.
Its caloric value is very low, so it is a fiber “friend” of any diet designed to reduce weight.
It works by balancing blood sugar levels, something favorable for the prevention of diabetes.

How to take it?
There are many benefits of this fiber, so that should be present in a diet balanced. To be present in vegetables such everyday as onion, garlic or leeks easily include it in your daily menu in the form of salads , sauces, stews, etc.. Also, you can find in fruits such as bananas and cereals such as wheat and rye (many of the bars recommended diet for weight control s has this fiber between its ingredients).

For inclusion and use in different products produced, inulin is extracted from chicory root and is incorporated mainly to dairy products, the compounds of cereal and some sausages. Look at the composition of certain foods in your daily shopping, such as in yogurt and if you want, pick the ones that include among their ingredients inulin. Your intestinal transit will improve dramatically.

The chicory root extract, with a high concentration of inulin, may also be part of vitamin supplements or products specially designed for diet s to lose weight. Can be an excellent partner for your health, but if this commonly consumed inulin “processed” (eg because you want to lose weight) is advisable to consult your doctor or pharmacist for advice on recommended doses, thus avoiding that something as beneficial produce an undesirable effect such as diarrhea caused by excessive consumption.

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