Food eat well and moderately

Eat wellFat loss is related to exercise, but know that good nutrition is so important to the results of fat loss. Making the right choices of food is your secret weapon in the race for the best body. Eating well will help you lose fat and increase energy dramatically, so you’ll have plenty of energy for social life, gym, and work.

Some of the common problems I see are:
1. Too many sweets per day.
2. Skipping breakfast.
3. Not eating enough fiber.
4. Not eating enough lean protein and low glycemic index, low-fat carbohydrate sources.
5. Do not eat much during the day and then eat a big dinner.

1. Accentuate the tone with the first meal of the day by eating a source of lean protein and high in fiber, carbohydrates, low glycemic index. The fiber in this meal will help control blood sugar in the morning and can help modify appetite at subsequent meals.
2. Eating mini-meals to avoid power problems bajonazos
3. Choose snacks that contain protein and fiber, and almonds.
4. Keep your dinner moderate, and avoid high caloric contents parties.
5. Eating calorie-free beverages, preferably green tea or water.

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