Flat stomach with the method Putkisto

stomachSpecial technique created by the Finnish Marja Putkisto, will allow your belly look smooth and firm almost instantly. If you are consistent, the results will become permanent and will invade a greater sense of wellbeing, health and energy.

This innovative approach, first cousin of Pilates is based on stretching and deep breathing control. The result by practicing in a manner consistent is a silhouette of heart, but mostly you will notice that your body is more slender-plus-more agile and better posture. You’ll feel full of energy and health rebosaras.

Who is Marja?
Putkisto Marja was born with a hip problem, although it was corrected in childhood, never fully be aligned at all.

“I realized that the only way to overcome this imbalance was stretching those muscles to lengthen shorter and leaving my pelvis in the correct position ยจ, explains the founder of the method, who developed the technique while working as a teacher of dance and movement in the University of Music in Finland.

Practicing this method for three days a week you will notice that your muscles are more flexible and healthy and that your circulation, and consequently, your cellulite – is greatly improved. You’ll be more relaxed because stretching makes your back and your abs are stronger, which will also provide optimal muscle balance and body more beautiful and strong.

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