Five tips to Increase Muscle in summer

MuscleThe summer in the best possible point of muscle definition, but there are a group of person you want to continue to increase mass either because it has a longer history than the summer, or because it has a thin morphology and always has objective is to continue gaining weight and lean mass.

The key points are the same as at any time of year, but obviously with some variation:

1. The intensity
The type of training volume in summer follows the same rules, repetitions and rest of course identical and same intensity. When speaking intensity refers to the “effort” is made during the session, and it must be always within the correct maximum percentage of work. That is, if the number of repetitions should be between 12 and 8 maximum, it must exhaust the muscles worked, not to fall below or end a series with even strength. A good tip would be to train in the early hours or almost nightly, to make with a comfortable temperature that allows us to train hard.

2. Volume
This refers to the duration of training, and here to do some small change. Training should be shorter, but as we said in the previous section equally intense than at other times of year. Because it is simple, the body is less efficient, the heat causes lower blood pressure, need more moisture and less solid food. As training is extra wear and too demanding for a time in which by nature makes us act more conservatively. To be clear, we can see that what is normally done during the summer is to define, since they eat less, drink more and still training to be the same length as winter wears out. So if you want to increase volume, you must cut its duration to a maximum of 40 minutes. Do not worry, you do not seem enough, the stimulus is more than adequate, less is more.

3. Hydration
As already mentioned, in summer there is more demand for water because it is used a great deal more in the winter to regulate body temperature through sweating. And if during the day increased the dose of liquid compared to other seasons, during training would not be an exception. There are still people who believe that drinking during training is wrong, and do not know how wrong they are, if the body needs water, because it was used and thus spent, you have to give it, to hydrate, oxygenate, and ultimately make more efficient muscles. A key point is to drink little by little, so that in time it into the bloodstream and does not accumulate in the stomach, which we would note heaviness and be counterproductive. And the amount during training depend a bit of each, but you can measure it in 1 liter or 1.5 liter.

4. Feeding
Nutrition is always the key to success, and it costs more in summer when it correctly according to the purpose hypertrophy. The heat increases hydration needs, and consequently the feeling of satiety is achieved almost accidentally, so it costs more to feed themselves adequately. A part of a diet as correct as possible, it is now that supplementation plays a key role. So much easier, and in shake liquid can increase the calories you need further differentiating the proportions of macronutrients in terms of our physical and our goal. That is, providing more protein and less carbohydrates if we are not gaining too much weight, and conversely if we do not care either so whatever.

5. Breaks
Last point and no less important. If we again note that the summer is literally exhausting for your body, this is so thrifty that is left wanting to burn unnecessary calories (of course, is that he does not understand that we want to get stronger ). We should get more rest between training sessions, this will have an optimal recovery, but above all there is less wear or we could go into catabolic very easily.

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