Fitness for physical and mental

physical and mentalThe physical training are very important breathing, posture, performance and precision of each movement, body balance, control what is done and the time that each muscle is operational. Some simple exercises to get started in this practice as healing as beneficial to the body and mind.

The method Pilates is a system of physical and mental training created in the early twentieth century by German Joseph Hubertus Pilates, who designed it based on their knowledge of different disciplines such as gymnastics, trauma, ballet or yoga , combining the dynamism muscle strength and mental control, breathing and relaxation.

There are many applications, and one of the pioneers is their use as a tool to improve the power to move and feel, people with disabilities.

“Apart from facilitating the driving sensitivity of persons with reduced mobility, the Pilates method also serves to improve the balance of people with cerebral palsy or to stabilize when traveling to those with spinal cord injuries,” experts say foundations Spanish Pilates and Sports Challenge, working as a team teaching Pilates sessions and courses for therapeutic purposes.

Explain that it is “a discipline that seeks to achieve a rebalancing of body posture correcting errors and strengthening internal and external muscles.” This is achieved by working the muscles first internal abdominal and pelvic floor, considered “the core” of the body by specialists, and from there, everything else.

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