Figure after the holidays diet Tips

holy day dite1. Remember how well you did
Now you see it very difficult but … do you remember how easy it was to think about your body and your health when you were thinking lie in the sun? You felt happy, happy, proud and good about yourself, fast and healthy, your effort was very successful and now you can do it again. The key is to adapt a healthy eating guidelines to your routine, and not let a diet enslave your life.

2. Do not blame the balance
It’s time to get over the scale and when you wanted to stop, has continued to rise inevitably … it is not to blame! It’s time to trust yourself, to have faith in your actions and promise to record feel good. You can do it!

3. Ask yourself some realistic goals
Sometimes we think that being very thin is the most desirable, but our ideal weight depends not weigh more or less kilos but to have a weight you feel good and keep it easy for us depending on our lifestyle.

4. Betting on satiating food
Certain foods help you feel full easily and the feeling of hunger will take longer to arrive. Include in your diet : egg, oat bran, nonfat cheese, prawns, crab sticks, natural tuna, sardines, canned soup with vegetables …

5. Caution with seasonings!
Forget the fat-laden sauces, mustard or ketchup sweet, rich in sugar. Herbs, all kinds of spices, Dijon mustard, vinegar (sherry, balsamic, flavored …) sauce soya , pickles, garlic, onion … you have a universe of options to spice up your meals a tasty and healthy. Innova combines and exalts make your taste buds!

6. Saboteurs
If your family loves to eat or your children eat what is on the table, make sure that the menu included all you can eat food without any problem: smoked salmon as a starter, roast chicken or baked fish as a dish also main … If they want to pamper yourself, try to do with food you do not like too much for the “envy” and the temptation is less.

7. Better support
Your friends, your family … your whole environment is important to support you and achieve your goals. Not hesitate to ask for help and complicity of the people you most want, you may be surprised and join you in the struggle to regain the desired weight !

8. If you eat out, try to choose the restaurant you
If you eat in a restaurant, try to be who you choose. For example, a grill can always offer you the option of requesting a juicy meat without fat. Japanese restaurants are a great option because you can order sashimi, beef kebabs, chicken or salmon, to feel satisfied.

Another possibility is you have to consider ordering tickets as a salad of prawns, beef jerky, smoked salmon or marinated … Of course, try not to forget to take bread and dessert and sugary drinks. If you need after eating something sweet, it is always preferable when you get home you take one or two fat yogurt. Of course, tea and coffee unsweetened or with a little sweetener will also now drop the “bug” sweet.

9. Move!
The exercise is key to feeling good about themselves, but are not necessary great workouts: walking, climbing stairs instead of the elevator and stand up on public transport rather than sit, good deeds are to be integrated into our routine and to be observed beyond the diet .

10. Water, essential
Water not only help you clean your body inside and feel a little more satisfied but also moisturize your skin thoroughly, among many other benefits. Drink 2 liters a day and before each meal drink two glasses of water, and begin to eat with the feeling of not having an empty stomach.

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