Fat Burners for Fitness

Burners for FitnessOur body responds to a number of different processes. One is the transformation of the food we eat into energy.
When food is converted into fat instead of oxidized and transformed into energy, get fat.

This situation is due to the inability of the body to burn fats that accumulate in the tissues mainly by inadequate nutrition, but also by a malfunctioning metabolism.

In this sense, a balanced diet designed not to accumulate fat in the tissues need to control the number of calories you eat, but above all to facilitate as far as possible the burning of fat.

Although all foods contain calories, some easier to burn calories in the body and others stimulate the accumulation of fat. This is because foods high in fat are added more easily to body fat because the body finds it easy this conversion, which only wastes 3% of the energy content of fat, while at carbohydrates convert to fat lost 23% of calories.

Fat Burners
Known in the American world as fat-burners, this new generation of nutrients helps the body to activate the fat burning process.
While these catalysts lipotropic (fat mobilizing) are found in foods, they do not usually come to our body in good condition and in sufficient quantity, either by the low quality of agricultural land due to chemical or paid by the existence of an associated pathology that prevents proper absorption of these valuable substances through the daily diet.

There are 4 fat burners on the most widely investigated to date: L-carnitine, choline (or vitamin B7), inositol and L-methionine, which we will discuss below.

These burners can be divided into:
Lipotropic: L-carnitine, inositol, choline, etc.. (Which facilitate the transport and use of fats).
Termogenicos: Ephedrine, caffeine, aspirin, and herbal extracts, (which increase the metabolic rate to facilitate fat loss).

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