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ExercisesThe body is very prone to formation of fatty deposits that result in the dreaded “saddlebags”, the cellulite or sagging .
Even being thin, the thighs are one of the favorite areas of our body to deposit fat consumed in excess, but with adequate food and a few simple exercises can be perfectly toned so as to contribute to the slender silhouette.

First, we must bear in mind that the specific movements to work this zone should always be a supplement to a regular aerobic activity practiced. No exercises “miracle.” The human body does not remove fat selectively (and we do the rest). So to reduce the volume of the thighs have to do some sport to launch all your body and burn the most calories possible.

The most recommended aerobic exercise for working the legs together include, swimming, jogging, tennis, cycling, super fun skating or just a good brisk walk. Do any of these activities, at least 40 minutes three times a week, ensuring the burning of excess fat.

The second step to obtain thighs is pretty specific exercises strengthen them. Note that you will have to work so its outer side, prone to unsightly fat accumulations, and the interior, where the trend of sagging may be the main problem. Some of the most simple and effective exercises are:

1. The dreaded “sit” or “squat”. From a standing position with legs together, bend your knees (keeping the trunk right) and go down to play with the bum calves. It hurts a little, test the muscles in the area are working hard. Make 2 to 4 series, repeating the motion 15 to 20 times (start slowly and increase gradually as long effort). Repeat the exercise with your legs slightly apart to work the inside of the thighs .

2. Lying on the floor (better with mat), lateral trunk and keeping in line with the legs straight. Raise your right leg to a height of 60 degrees and lower it again and keeping it straight without touching the left (same number of sets and repetitions). Turn and repeat with opposite leg.

3. Based on the previous position, now works inside of the thighs . To do this, keep your left leg straight and passes right in front of her bending the knee (the foot supports). Now, all you can lift the leg straight and lower it again with quick movements without touching the ground. You will notice that work perfectly inner zone. Repeat the exercise with the opposite leg.

4. Scissors. Lying on your back, hands under your buttocks, do earwigs fast alternately lifting his right leg and left (labor, in addition, the abdominal inferior).

5. From the “squat”, place the palms on the floor in front of you and stretch your legs a back. It “bounces” (based on the upper floor of the straight leg). Do not force too, could cause you a painful tug, gently bouncing up and down the bum. Switch legs and repeat. To work the inside, do the same but stretching the leg out to side and making small rebounds. Repeat with the opposite leg.

After the table of specific exercises, gives your muscles a break doing some light stretching to allow relaxation. Sitting on the floor, seal the soles of your feet (at the height you can), agárralos with both hands and move your knees up and down to promote muscle relaxation in the area.
Adequate food
For exercise to be effective must be accompanied by a correct diet in which fat intake is controlled. If the presence of this is excessive, will tend to accumulate where the easier it will be and, unfortunately, the thighs are a perfect setting. In your plan ” thighs ideals “, consider the following tips on diet:
Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables.
Reduce salt intake.
Drink plenty of fluids, especially water to help eliminate toxins and fats (at least two liters).
Choose lean meats and gives more importance to fish in your diet .
Limit “fried” and dramatically eliminates the industrial bakery.
Other aid
Reducing creams and drainage capacity can be very useful in cases of difficult to remove accumulated fat or to improve the problem of cellulite . Apply them as an adjunct to diet and exercise and check their effectiveness.

Another option to consider when fatty deposits are persistent are the beauty treatments in the cabin (consult a professional center) and even liposuction, which despite its immediate effectiveness will always require adequate food and some subsequent years of maintenance.

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