Effective Exercises Tips That Build Your Own Table

Effective exercises tips1. Lie on your back with your arms close to body , palms down and legs straight. Go up the legs gradually until they form with your body at an angle of 90 degrees, stopping a few seconds in the 30 ° and 60 °. Rest when you completely vertical and lower them again with the same “stops”. (Will work especially abdominal lower).

2. Based on the above position, lift your legs up and performs the vertical movement of pedal (forward and backward) for a few seconds. If you’re in shape, raise the lower back (holding the hips with your hands) and pedals (will combine abdominal and aerobic movement).

3. Lying on your back with legs (knees) bent and slightly apart and hands behind his head. Add the trunk without the vertical and back down slowly (will work especially abdominal higher).

4. Based on the previous position, performs the same movement but trying to touch your right elbow with left knee and vice versa.

5. Again lying on her back, stretched out his hands along the body . Do earwigs with the legs , lifting first one and then the other with short and fast (a few inches off the ground). After resting a few seconds, repeat the exercise with earwigs cross, ie, from one leg over the other.

6. Stand with the legs together and arms stretched above your head. Go bending the trunk trying to play with the tips of your fingers, your feet. Do not force the movement, goes as far as possible and “bounce” gently.

7. From the previous position, but with arms along the body . Bend your knees to squat trying to keep the trunk straight. Back up slowly.

8. But also standing with legs apart and arms outstretched. Try playing with the fingertips of his right hand, left foot and vice versa (will work especially abdominal oblique).

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