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HabitsA little simple changes in our lifestyle can help you lose weight without resorting to express diets, products “miracle” or Spartan power. Although not always easy for the hectic day, it is important to return to natural foods. Sometimes they eat little but eat poorly.

If the processed food and fast food are called the basis of our diet is likely that our body receives an excessive amount of fat and few vitamins and proteins. Cook simple dishes, a fish or meat grilled or sauteed vegetables pasta salad is so complicated and ensure intake of healthy dishes.

Another basic changes to our habits are allies of our line refers to liquids. Our body needs at least 1.5 liters of fluids to stay in perfect condition. Eliminate or reduce intake of alcohol and sugary drinks and replace them with water, juices and teas , not only will reduce weight but also will remove toxins and you will notice an improvement generally within a few days.

How to cook different foods also influences when winning or losing weight. Fried batter should be limited, while food steamed, grilled or cooked with wok , keep all their beneficial properties make almost no fat. We must also choose dressings that provide taste but do not contribute to increase our weight or cause the dreaded water retention. Use olive oil for salads and vegetables and controls the salt (see how quickly you get used to a meal not as “tasty” but much healthier).

Finally, it should be stressed how important are the one’s eating habits and lifestyle. Lose weight and be healthy practice necessarily involves some form of exercise. Any activity that puts us on the move is valid. It is not going to the gym necessarily walking, swimming, dancing, cycling or simply take the elevator are possibilities in our power to live a healthier life in which it is not necessary to count calories.

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