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Diet Diets either going to be very different. Those with a sedentary lifestyle do not need as many calories as those who do make physical activity. Indeed, physicians often explain in the following manner.

If a person consuming 2000 calories but, of these 2000, only 1000 calories spent, the rest is accumulated in your body and so it is fattening. However, if you exercise or work consume 2500 calories we’re taking away the body 500 and, if every day, that affects the weight.

That is the reason why athletes have calorie diets, because they are in balance with calories expended for their work. In contrast, those who just do physical work, but more sedentary, they tend to have a diet much lower in calories to burn the calories that you have stored (certainly come a time when they can not burn as much or as fast, but steadily sure they succeed).

Sedentary diet is usually a low calorie diet (600-800 calories from the 1500), is intended more for people who do little exercise but do not want to gain weight eating so little to be good, but not for fat, provided by a minimum of exercise (walk, a swim, etc..).

Meanwhile, the sports diet is a diet rich in calories, but good. Is suggested for athletes or those who do plenty of exercise throughout the day and need to replace it because its weight is the ideal or ideal values ​​are (it’s okay if you have a few extra kilos or less).

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