Diet low in calories

Diet low in caloriesThe calories and eat less of everything. There is no real restriction on the types of foods you eat, but just remember to give a follow up on those calories. A low calorie diet consists mainly of fruits, vegetables and low calorie protein. Controlling calorie intake ensures nutrition and hydrates the body.

People need enough protein to keep skin, hair and nails. Foods low in calories, protein sources like beans, chicken or turkey (without skin), tuna packed in water, steamed / baked fish, egg whites, low fat yogurt and milk are the ones that you can help maintain the low calorie diet.

It takes a while to learn the calorie content of food, but well worth it. Ask any athlete how many calories are in a meal and he / she will tell you. Only by knowing this, achieved it reject foods high in calories, without even thinking about it.

If you need a meal to fill but this restriction does not contain calories, here are some of the favorite snacks without fear that can consume:

• Low-calorie gelatin
• The banana chips and thinly sliced
• protein bars
• Popcorn
• Bowl of Cherries
• yoghurt or custard

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