Diabetic diet and general recommendations

dietDiabetic diet and nutritionist at the center Caroli Health Club, Aruka Chapinal offers exclusively for Mujerde Elite general recommendations and a menu suitable for diabetics in the World Diabetes Day. Because your health is most important.

Diet is a staple in the treatment of diabetes both type I and type II. But mostly type II, should be aware that both his power and the practice of physical activity specific to their condition, are the main medicine.

The diabetic diet is not far removed from the diet to be followed by any healthy adult. Of course, in this case more than ever we must respect the timing of meals. It should make 5-6 meals throughout the day. The general guideline is to pass a minimum of 3 hours between intake and a maximum of 4.

It should be a diet consisting of normal, adapted to each individual’s energy expenditure, even if overweight or obese do have to schedule an diet low in calories to correct this condition.

The importance of fiber

The consumption of fiber, especially soluble, has an important role in the diet of diabetic as one hand will slow the rate of absorption of sugars by improving blood glucose after eating. This will also get food combining according to their content of carbohydrates, proteins and lipids.

Furthermore, the fiber decreases the absorption of fats. In particular, soluble fiber has an effect of attraction of cholesterol favoring their elimination.

We should avoid those foods high in simple sugars like table sugar, honey, jams, compotes, candy and gum with sugar, condensed milk, sweetened beverages, fruit in syrup, cakes and sweets, chocolate , candies, ice cream, etc..

However, in the market are a lot of products on the label says suitable for diabetics and which we take in moderation.

You should limit foods high in saturated fat and the fatty parts of meat (pork chop, steak, etc), fat sausages (chorizo, salami, mortadella …), butter, margarine or ready meals.
Recommended Drinks

Fluid intake is also important, since two of the symptoms of the disease are poorly controlled polyuria (pee do more than normal) and polydipsia (frequent urge to drink).

However, it should avoid strong alcoholic beverages. It can be consumed wine, beer or champagne, but limit your intake to one drink per day.

The water, still or sparkling mineral must be the basis of diabetic drink, consuming at least 2 liters a day.

You can also take coffee or tea and diet soda.
Method of cooking food

Preferably select those forms of cooking that are lighter and the iron, oven, papillote, cooking, steam, etc., to the detriment of fried or breaded.

To spice up the dishes we use all kinds of condiments such as extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, mustard, salt (no more than 6g/, pepper, garlic, parsley, pepper, lemon and herbs generally all .

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