Calcium and vitamin D remove localized fat

Calcium and vitamin DAccurate way to lower or eliminate those portions of fat without diet or routines enforced only to the consumption of calcium and vitamin D.

According to research conducted in New York has been determined that one of the formulas to reduce fat only increase consumption of calcium and vitamin D, such as fish, eggs, milk, etc, it is said that this vitamin helps to absorb Calcium is best in our bodies acting on fat this involuntarily.

This study analyzed 171 patients with problems of obesity and were administered doses of calcium with vitamin D for about 16 weeks, then they returned to go through the balance and control measures and it was noted that his weight had dropped about 2 to 3 kilos, depending on the fitness of each individual.

As observed in this study, patients who received calcium without vitamin D, the result of absorption of fat was much lower than those who received the full dose, fat removal was considerable.

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