Burn fat at maximum intensity

lose fatFat reduces time and intensifies the effort to reach your target fat-burning
What is it?
Introducing the HIT (High Intensity Training) cardio sessions shorter and accurate. With these three training you will get the maximum benefit.
A study by the University of Florida (USA) descsubriĆ³ that participants who were HIT cardio burn 10% more kilojoules after exercise than participants who did intervallic. What else is there to say?

In the intervallic efforts you move in 70% and rest 50%, whereas in HIT are 90% of your maximum effort. If you can train for longer than we suggest here is that the intensity has not risen enough.
Do the same workout 2-3 times per week with 1 rest day in between. If you want to get really under pressure, is alternating workouts.

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