Bodybuilding-get a perfect body

perfect bodyThe cult of the body today cuts across all sectors and social segments. Aesthetic issue, risking ┬┐in health ?. In the halls of sporting and social facilities, known as gyms, more and more women toning and flexing their muscles, stimulating the senses and spirit.

The exercise focused on weight and a diet rich in protein-and egg-chicken, rice and pasta-carbohydrate-, fat and lots of water, are the fuel to get the body of a true body builder.

Bodybuilding, “practice of exercise s gymnastics aimed to excessive muscle development has been linked on numerous occasions to practice unhealthy and people with muscles swollen like balloons. The only thing you can clarify this idea is that, as in all aspects of life, an obsession and dependency would create a psycho pathological disorder, such as misclassification or vigorexia.

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