Beer-fat as much as you think?

weight lose fatCold, golden froth with … with the heat of summer who resists a beer on a terrace or a beach bar? Considered for years guilty of the treacherous and ugly “beer belly”, recent studies show that not fattening as much as previously thought and that even brings benefits to the body, always, of course, that their consumption is moderate.

The beer is a drink that is taken very old for centuries and there are many varieties. Is obtained from the fermentation of various grains , mostly barley, hops or malt. Although at present is also made alcohol-free graduation average until two to four degrees.

Despite its bad reputation, is a food that contains no saturated fats and sugars in its composition and carbohydrate are minimal. On the other hand has a high percentage of vitamins, especially B group, basic training and maintenance of body tissues, and minerals such as silicon, phosphorus and magnesium.

Taken in moderation, beer is not the main cause of fat that accumulates in the abdominal area. Recent studies in this regard indicate that the reasons for the dreaded belly are the same as those that cause weight gain in any other body part, ie, an unbalanced diet, excessive intake of calories and a sedentary lifestyle. The problem is that the beer is often synonymous with appetizer and the “munchies” is usually high-calorie foods (olives, potatoes, nuts). The solution? A bit of exercise to burn those calories.
Healthy in moderation
Being an alcoholic beverage must be stressed that the risks can lead irresponsible alcohol consumption. According to the Spanish Society of Community Nutrition, including inside the pyramid healthy eating fermented beverages such as beer , wine, champagne and cider consumption can be considered a non-abusive intake of 2-3 per day in the canes men and 1 – 1.5 in women, always taking into account each person’s physical characteristics (age, overall health, weight, etc).

There are many false myths about beer and its properties, but current research suggests a number of benefits in consumption based on its rich composition. Some of them are:
It contains as many calories as you might think (it has been argued that the drink is more fattening). For reference, a beer (200ml) has about 90 calories and if we talk about beer without alcohol this amount is reduced to less than half.
It is rich in potassium and low in sodium which makes it an excellent diuretic that helps prevent water retention and eliminate toxins .
It is an important source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants .
Its content in cholesterol “good” improves circulation and blood clotting, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.
The presence of silicon helps to calcification of the bones, preventing osteoporosis .
Do not forget that beer is a natural beverage, made primarily with cereal , hence possessing certain beneficial properties that can never be found in soft drinks or other beverages, including sugar in its composition and sweeteners .
There are all advantages
Keep in mind that most of the calories in a beer are derived from its alcohol content. Alcohol does cause weight gain, and much, because (that basically) its high caloric content causes the body to try to burn those calories it provides and not “work” fat burning existing, they just accumulate. So, too many beer s itself can lead to weight gain, but from time to time, and face the summer , I am pleased that you have no reason to resign. Call the belly “beer” is a historical injustice.

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