Be Fast Slim and Good healthy

Fast SlimLosing weight can be very healthy if diet or diets that are done properly. But a diet that aims to lose many kilos in a short time (eg one week. Three, five days) may be more dangerous than some overweight. We will give you some ideas for healthy weight loss and others that serve to maintain their “ideal weight”. In the future it will be easier and faster.
Before you start:

A. – Among the many diets available to choose the most suitable for you (depending on your age, profile, etc..). By following a strict diet consult a nutritionist or your regular doctor about the appropriateness for you of the diet in question.

2. – The fastest and most effective diet to lose weight is not always desirable or balanced for your body. The needs for calories or fat burning activity that requires to be considered, among other needs. It is best to follow personalized diets.
3. – Dude of the “miracle diets” and too fast: the apple, quince, peach syrup and lemon sap (generally based on fruits or vegetables) can be very beneficial and effective when controlling the amounts or are semi-fasts or fasts very limited. Do not abuse.

For Quick Weight Loss and Good h ave to eat lots of fruits, vegetables and little meat (though not entirely because it has let its proteins).

This is mainly to avoid saturated fats as much as possible (animal fats). Are more harmful as well, because the unsaturated fats are biologically rounded, saturated fats are so sharp and always will be more dangerous for all practical purposes a sharp object that one rounded, the piercing you can always deeper lesions. Now that apply it to our capillaries, veins, arteries … If we go with the fat accumulated fat can also go in bloodstream (which is what is called atheroma) may clog some day … That if eaten in excess … Fats are an energy source of the human body but the principal is glucose (whichever is consumed). Thus, it can accumulate in body fat cetosos (love handles) ..

Slim and Good healthyRules for Quick Weight Loss and Well

* Eating in total daily caloric value lower than the calories consumed in the daily activity being performed.

* Always make four meals: breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner without skipping any.

* Do not buy more food than those to be taken.

* Shopping with a full stomach, it helps to resist the temptation to buy what you should not.

* In the case of feeling anxious, take some natural sedative, such as an infusion of linden.

* Have ready some fresh food and low in calories to “sink his teeth” between the hours of meals.

* Replace sugar with honey or no-calorie sweeteners.

* Gradually reduce salt intake and increase the spices that give flavor and do not provide calories.

* Drinking two glasses of water a half hour before each meal.

* Forget all alcoholic beverages and soft drinks, and all sweets and packaged products.

* Deferring picky when you can afford.

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