A way of fitness life

FITESS LIFESpinach did that “Popeye” desarrollase some arms big and strong, these athletes also have a magic formula to get those oily and defined bodys:- weight lifting, good nutrition and appropriate times to rest.

Eugen Sandow, Prussian athlete and father of modern body building, was the first to exhibitions. Today, the game shows are not broadcast in a visual rather than highly specialized television channels and cause the mass audience does not feel empathy for the sport.

Sandow athlete’s disciples were:- Ronnie Coleman (USA), Dexter Jackson (USA) or Craig Michael Titus (USA) from a large list, where the dominant American nationality.

America is the continent where it is more widespread and better consideration is the sports specialty and, among American cities, Los Angeles is considered the quintessential city of bodybuilding, with plenty of silicone and the cult of the body .

But this sport is not exclusive to men. Since the eighties, more and more women in America come together to this form, it is in life.
Although rejection of women in this sport has been very high, gradually this practice is making its way to them. Cases such as Cecilia Montenegro, Erica Sanchez, Gabriela More, Sandra Ramos, Carmen Cabral, Viviana Bello and Rita Topalian are clear examples of South American professionals who are breaking boundaries in bodybuilding.

In a culture where “light” is abundant, the exercise s partners bodybuilders women relate to this concept. Working with weights is baptized as ” Fitness “, an activity weight” light “that abounds in gyms around the world and is part of the lives of many people using the gym as a way of escape and relaxation.

Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Guatemala, Venezuela and Peru top the list of Latin American countries with the highest level of sport.

The IFBB, “International Federation of Body Building and Fitness “, founded in Canada, is responsible for organizing competitions such as” The Pan American Games “,” The South American Games “and” The Central American & Caribbean Games “around the world to one hundred eighty-three affiliated groups of athletes.

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