50 ways to get your motivation to lose weight

This is the list of 50 small things you can do to get motivated to lose weight every single day.
1. Write your goals. “I want to lose 10 kilos in 2 months” for example.
2. Create an action plan. Routines, days, hours.
3. Put a deadline
4. Enter a contest
5. Motivational quotes placed throughout the house
6. Print the body of your dreams and paste in the refrigerator
7. Practice abdominal strength by putting a fitness ball as a chair
8. Let your screen saver say “Raise your ass and move a little”
9. Buy a few fitness magazines
10. Join a blog about exercise and weight loss
11. Educate every day a little more about nutrition, then apply what they learn in the same day.
12. Find a partner to lose weight

13. Find comrades jogging
14. Watch this video with unbelievable transformations
15. Understand that the motivation to lose weight is also fed
16. Add your progress photos, measurements, weight
17. Find out about the benefits of living in a body with a healthy weight
18. Officers are your drinks water, green tea and lemon water
19. Hire a coach
20. Become your own coach
21. Take weight loss as a wonderful challenge that will achieve
22. The sport that you like … do it!
23. Buy yourself new workout clothes.
24. Take a spinning class for an intense session of cardio
25. Plan the next vacation to a place where you have to wear a bathing suit
26. Visualize yourself motivated to lose weight
27. Visualize yourself achieving it
28. Every day when you wake up do 20 squats with body weight. So you know you started your day burning calories.
29. Test how much you can lift in the gym
30. Get the aim of achieving the best shape of your story
31. Turn your thinning in an epic moment of your life and crucial.
32. Become your own legend, and that losing weight is part of that legend.
33. Each time you do some exercise try to surpass what you did last time
34. Focus on training, and conquer it set to set, repetition
35. To be motivated to lose weight you have to conquer that fear of not achieving
36. Training Articles Read Arnold Schwarzenegger or the biography of Lance Armstrong and never say “no I can”
37. Buy a jump rope and jump every day 10 minutes
38. Becomes the inspiration for your family
39. Buy an elliptical trainer
40. Placed on the side of the alarm message that says “Today you will be closer to becoming the person you want to be”
41. Fire alarms on your cell phone for each commitment to exercise and healthy eating
42. Find new recipes to eat
43. Learn a new exercise technique (kettlebells, kickboxing, interval)
44. Turn off your TV and go and run around with good music
45. Trains at another gym
46. Stir and bring them religiously intervals
47. Before training your invokes the best you can be
48. Appreciate that each day you can train more and less tired
49. Love your body in a different way: training every day, eating healthy and controlling what you do to improve.
50. You know you need to get motivated to lose weight, so stand up and do it now.

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