10 Myths of Weight Lose Diets

weight lose dietsLose weight diets gradually durable and above all healthy, take good note of misconceptions when it comes to losing weight. That if the lettuce at night fattening and it is best not dinner, it is preferable to take brown sugar than white diet, or as truly fasting fat burning, are just some of the myths that has been removed “In Touch” to help you lose those extra pounds safely. Notes!

1. Eat little thin many times a day

It is true that we must not let too much time between shots of food in order to keep the metabolism active and avoid low blood sugar that make you hungry to reach the next meal. However, do not go to the opposite side, because if you do not stop snacking during the day, although very little at a time, you lose the account of the calories .

2. Better not eat

There is no reason to do without dinner. Also, people who do not eat anything after 18:00 will wake up with a ravenous hunger that will be hard to stand up.

3. Fasting is an effective method for weight loss

The solution to losing weight is to stop eating because fasting only get reduced muscle mass and cause the dreaded yo-yo effect. Forget suffer unnecessarily and do crazy things or will you bill!
4. Brown sugar or brown is best for losing weight than white sugar
Their calories and composition is the same in both products, with the difference that the brown sugar has not been refined and therefore retains minerals and other nutrients beneficial to health. When losing weight , both versions are equally undesirable.
5. Light products help you lose weight
Beware of them! They have fewer calories but low in fat or labels are misleading light. Also often surge less than the regular version and you end up by eating more of it. If you want to indulge yourself, prefer the normal product, get a grip with the amount and enjoy every bite.

6. Potatoes and pasta are fattening
Both foods have no place in a diet focused on healthy balanced lose weight by controlling calories , as well as providing fiber and energy for the day, quench. Just do not overdo it with the amount and avoid them at dinner.
7. The pineapple helps to burn fat
It is completely false. Certainly has important properties that can help the digestions are lighter because it contains a digestive enzyme, lamebrain. It also has diuretic properties and rich in fiber will help you be “regular.”
8. The dinner salad fattening
Again, completely false, it’s okay to eat salad. Indeed, one of the most recommended diet dinners and enjoy a rest would be a green salad, grilled fish or steamed, and a low fat yogurt.
9. After lunch, a digest if
Forget the old custom of taking a shot after a meal to promote digestion. Alcohol contains ” calories empty “, ie bring no benefit to the body and lack of nutrients . A shot can make up to 40 calories ! You better bet for a tea, green tea, ideal.
10. Massage thin
They can help stimulate the circulation, promote the elimination of liquids or reduce stress, but to date, by themselves do not thin.

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