10 basic Tips to lose weight eating

Weight loseWeight lose without giving up the pleasure of eating only you know how to do … Notes!The word diet is often synonymous with effort, the dreaded “yo-yo”, boredom, anxiety and, above all, of hunger !

Given the desire to lose weight and lose weight the most important thing is, no doubt, be willing to do without sacrificing health. Must also be taken into account ten tips basic, simple and effective we recommend you paste in your fridge so that each day when you see them, put them in practice. Want to know what they are? Notes and do not skip any!

1. You eat everything. Not forget any group of foods : all are necessary to achieve a healthy state. The rule should apply is not abuse of the amount of food calorie (basically, industrial products) because, besides having a very low rate of food supplies contain many calories.
2. Distribute your food in five meals a day. It is crucial that do not skip any outlet, two must be consistent meals (especially breakfast) and the other three lighter. Note that you should dine early: at least two hours before going to sleep at night because the metabolism slows and food accumulate as fat .
3. Drink plenty of water: at least two liters a day. In addition to its cleansing function, the water will keep you satiated and humorous, so the more you drink the better you feel. A good trick to control hunger and not to overdo the food is to drink at least a glass of water just before eating.
4. Fair cuisine and dispenses rations of salt: the leftovers are a dangerous temptation, so prepare the amount of food you need and do it always with a high presence of salt.
5. Say no to fat and olive oil itself. It is recommended that you cook steamed or grilled: the natural food is healthier and better maintained properties of food , while fats provide too many calories. If you replace the fat in a teaspoon of olive oil enrich the flavor of your dishes and food intake of these.
6. Eating is a pleasure. Keep it in mind and enjoy eating. Do not torture yourself, vary your menus and make the mealtime a real ritual to help you eat just enough: always force yourself to sit down without distractions (avoid watching TV, for example, and avoid eating mechanically) devote yourself your time, chew your food quietly, eat slowly and savor each food as it was the last time I’ll try.
7. Do not obsess over the scale: weigh yourself once a week, without clothes and fasting. And do not torture yourself!: Losing weight is a progressive realization is achieved with patience and perseverance and long-term will be synonymous with the slower process.
8. Limit consumption of alcohol. Avoid, as far as possible, the intake of alcohol (especially after eating), as the spirits have enough empty calories of nutrients. If you go to dinner or party without alcohol test the spirits, natural juices or teas: there are very different, very tasty and will help to maintain the line.
9. Move!: The sport is essential. Exercise removes fat and help you burn calories. Furthermore, it tones the body and make you feel much lighter and more comfortable with your body.
10. Lose weight must always be a choice, not imposed by stereotypes or criticisms of others, so if you want to lose weight , proponent and … Make it, sure!

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