Weight loss methods

Weight LossThe minerals we are concerned in this system of weight loss. Very small amounts are needed daily for proper functioning of the body, silly amounts but essential. We are supposed to take place with this system we have to eat everything because, unless some radical sectors vegetarian food mixed with religion, human beings are omnivorous.

Our fight will be proteins and fats from carbohydrates. Will be two incompatible elements, and we isolate them. Later, when we are in the ideal weight, we can go mixing proteins with carbohydrates, which we should always avoid animal fat is mixed hydrates.

From here we are ready to initiate us into the diet. Let’s approach it from a practical standpoint. We got home and found that to eat is macaroni (hydrates) of main course, from here we know what we can eat at this meal: bread, potatoes, vegetables (mostly carbohydrates), and corn operatives for dessert, all the candy you want but do not take either milk or eggs (protein).

From all this, we will eat our fill. If instead we are going to eat chicken, entices will attack anything that is animal protein and fat bacon and ham, eggs, squid, shrimp, sausages … etc. but we allowed to see the hydrates as bread. Only with this little introduction, we can realize that this is an the land of the fat, where ever or will not eat hamburgers or pizza or hot dogs.

When you go out for dinner at the restaurant is as easy as eating more protein variety of foods that satisfy our appetite and we appreciate not dieting. We made a small table staples that will guide us. Food table.

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