Weight lose tips for anxiety for sweetness

Diet sweetnessMore tips about a question How can i lose weight-fast to help you manage anxiety so sweet:
1. Physical Exercise
Exercise is essential for good health and is a very important antidote against cravings. This is because when you exercise, the body breaks down glycogen and releases glucose molecules in the bloodstream, which in fact produces a sugar stimulus. Physical activity also relieves stress and produces serotonin, which improves mood. One hour of moderate physical activity can help reduce hunger.

2. Try sugar-free products
Artificial sweeteners found in chocolate, gum, candy and other sugar-free foods satisfy the taste buds of many people without adding calories.

3. Controls the time
One way to assess if you really need something sweet to delay the time of the decision to eat, that is, think twice if you really need that cookie after 15 minutes. Often you will notice that you do not. In other words, know that it is necessary to act impulsively to achieve instant gratification. You have a choice.

4. Looking for distractions
When you feel cravings for sugar, try reading a book, call a friend, listening to music, go for a walk or turns that energy into a hobby.

5. Portion Control
It is shown that if you restrict your diet will more likely to have cravings and consumption at the first chance you get. Therefore it is best to occasionally allow yourself to eat a dessert or a sweet fix. But beware, you do not need to finish the container of ice cream or you eat a whole pie to enjoy it. Help yourself to a normal portion and enjoy every bite without guilt or remorse.

6. Sleep the necessary hours
Not getting enough sleep increases the appetite and cravings for starchy foods due to hormonal imbalance that occurs. What the experts recommend is drinking coffee during the day to avoid eating high-calorie cravings between meals, as an immediate and temporary until you return to normal.

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