Weight lose for Balanced Diet

DietThe balance of our diet and can make mistakes, such as providing less nutrients our body needs to function properly. Getting a balanced diet is difficult for us by several factors and requires a lot of effort at first.

A thin person does not always mean that this healthy, especially if being thin is the result of depriving the body of food. The stop eating only leads to malnutrition of the body. It is not the solution to the problem of overweight nor the way to go if you want to achieve the desired shape.

The main objective of a balanced diet is to optimize the health of people, both physically and psychically. This aim leads to prevent contraction of diseases related to the metabolism, such as increased cholesterol, diabetes or obesity. Another objective of the balanced diet is weight loss if there is a need, but with the goal of this reduction is permanent.
The diet should be complete, ie contain all the nutrients the body needs, especially proteins, carbohydrates or sugars and fats along with a number of amino acids that the body can not synthesize vitamins, minerals and water. If the food you eat have all these nutrients, you will not need the use of multivitamins or supplements of any kind. The secret to achieving this nutrient intake is to eat all kinds of vegetables and fruits.
The proteins can be found mainly in meat. In this group are white meats like chicken, fish and rabbit, red meat such as beef. Another important source of protein are eggs and dairy products.
It is important to consume protein because it is they who provide the amino acids our bodies can not produce and which are indispensable for the formation of new tissues. Vegetables also contain proteins, but the animal is characterized by being more complete, and that also contain sufficient iron to produce hemoglobin. It follows that vegan diets are insufficient in terms of the provision of iron that the body requires. If, however, are added to these diets eggs and dairy products, so if you would complete the supply of this nutrient.
Carbohydrates or sugars are essential for the body because they are the ones that provide the energy we need for everything we do. These nutrients are found in cereals, pasta, pulses and seeds, fruits and vegetables.
Fat is another nutrient that our body needs. Provide energy as carbohydrates and are a big source of calories. The requirement of this nutrient is low and is necessary because it provides the body with three fatty acids essential for the proper functioning of our metabolism: linoleic acid, and arachidonic linoléinico.
A balanced diet is understood then, by a diet that contains all the elements mentioned above and to provide the body all the nutrients it needs to function properly.

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