Weight Lose diet rich in iron

Diet Rich in IronWeight Lose Diet Rich in Iron is one of the most important minerals must be present in the diet of people. A diet rich in iron will make our body is healthy, because this mineral is the main component of hemoglobin in the blood. This hemoglobin is the one responsible for carrying oxygen to all tissues of the body.

When our body does not get enough iron through diet, one of the organs most commonly affected with this lack is the brain and its functions are altered and consequently mental performance and physical productivity decline in people. The immune system is affected if there is deficiency or iron deficiency and this affects the growth, physical and hormonal functions.

A diet rich in iron will cause overflow of energy our body as our increased hemoglobin levels and therefore more oxygen will be distributed to our bodies. Red meats, fish, green vegetables, legumes and cereals are some foods that are major sources of iron. Fruits such as figs and grapes also provide iron to food.
Most iron in food is found in meats and fish. If you have vegetarian habits is important to take vitamin C, as this vitamin helps to better absorption of iron in plants. Vitamin C is found mostly in fruits such as oranges, tangerines, strawberries, lemons, limes and pineapples.
When a woman becomes pregnant is very common that your iron level in the blood falls significantly. It is recommended that pregnant women consume two and half times more iron than men during these periods. On these occasions is when doctors recommend taking supplements that provide this mineral. Anemia (low iron in blood) is very common when you are pregnant, but you have to fight and avoid at all costs, because the health of the baby and mother are at stake. Women suffering from heavy blood loss during menstrual periods may also suffer from anemia.
The problem of iron deficiency is also a problem for children because they make enough milk but do not eat foods rich in this mineral. The growth of children occurs so quickly that their bodies can sometimes find it difficult to accumulate iron they need.
Sometimes anemia is the indicator that something is amiss in the body and that there may be internal blood loss without realizing it, a sore that does not know that we have, ulcerative colitis, cancer or any other medical condition. It is therefore important to determine the cause of anemia because it can be the alarm warning us that something more serious is happening in our body. But if this is not the case and anemia is only due to poor nutrition, then a diet rich in iron is the solution to the problem.

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