Weight lose diet rich in fiber

Diet Rich in FiberWhy maintain a Weight Lose diet rich in fiber? What are the benefits offered by the fiber in our diet? Do you really plays an important role of fiber in the digestive process and further, the fiber is an important element in maintaining good health?

Today, we find food and processed mostly in supermarkets, ready to put in the oven or cook a few minutes in the microwave or just cooked and not take us more than two minutes to heat and serve. This fact is very convenient because the hectic routine we live immersed, little time we can devote to the preparation of food as our grandmothers used to do.

But these facilities can also cause problems to our health. The lack or low consumption of fiber in the diet can cause serious health problems such as diverticulitis, varicose veins, appendicitis, hemorrhoids, constipation, gallstones and colon cancer.

Foods that provide this valuable fiber to our diet are not hard to find. There are whole grains in bread and cereals for example are a good source of fiber for our bodies. Other sources of dietary fiber are vegetables and fruits. We will benefit much more from the fiber content of these foods if you eat them with shells, as in much of them is where the highest concentration of this element. Dried fruits such as plums, cherries or raisins are also good sources of dietary fiber. Tubers such as potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, turnips and beets also provide fiber in good quantities.

How does fiber in our digestive system? It’s simple, once ingested fiber absorbs water by increasing the volume of stools thus preventing constipation and accelerating the intestinal passage. They also help remove cholesterol and decrease glucose and fatty acids in the bloodstream. Provide a favorable environment for the “good” bacteria develop in the colon. Added to all this, the consumption of fiber will make the person feel satisfied with a small amount of food promoting weight reduction.

But what actually is fiber? The fibers are chemical molecules that mainly find in plant cells and our body can not digest. They are composed of cellulose, cellulose, pectin and lining. They also contain physical acid, which some people do not easily tolerate.

A diet rich in fiber will make our body feel better, healthier and free of toxins and only hurt our bodies. Fiber is the ultimate cleaning agent and his large estates, which formerly were not valued today are trying to convey and communicate in order to make people aware that their consumption is beneficial to health.

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