Weight Lose Diet of the Moon

diet of the MoonWeight lose diet of the Moon is completely fast the days when the moon enters the new moon phases and moon and make fast half day when the moon enters the phases of waxing and waning.
But what does this really mean? The theory of the moon diet is based on the influence the moon has in liquid on our planet (the tides of the oceans), and our body, being composed of 80% liquid, is no stranger to this influence.
First, you need a lunar calendar where we find the phases of the moon with the exact time they are initiated. This is because the diet on that day began the hour preceding the start of the stage. So timing is crucial.

Once we have the schedule and know exactly when that will start phases, we can start our diet of the moon.
We begin with the days of complete fasting. As mentioned above, the days of complete fast are the days when the moon enters the New Moon phase and the phase of full moon. In these two days we will begin the full fast, ie you can not eat any solid food or dairy product, an hour before the start of the lunar phase and continue uninterrupted for 24 hours more, making a total of 25 hours of fasting. At this time, all you can eat are sugar-free fluids, ie water, tea, mate or tea, strained fruit juice, that is no pulp or fibers, naturally strained vegetable broth, etc.. After the fast of 25 hours, we return to our normal eating balanced diet.
In the days when the moon enters the phases of waxing and waning, fasting should be done half or what is also known as maintenance diet. The diet begins, as in the case of the full moon and new moon, one hour before the moon phase begins, and also be extended by 25 hours. It performs the same way, consuming plenty of fluids (those already mentioned above) but with the difference that you can eat during the day one of the following: fruits, green salads, gelatin diet yogurt with fruit or pumpkin pure. Remember, you can only eat one of the options mentioned.
To maintain a record of the results obtained, it is advisable to weigh yourself before starting the diet and at the end of it. Thus, Vera has lost much weight and if indeed it was effective for you.
If this diet is done properly and strictly following the instructions is very effective and the weight you lose is very difficult to get it back again.
With the moon’s diet, may not only lose weight successfully, it also gives your body a chance to detoxify and cleanse four days during the fasting month you make.

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