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Apple DietWeight lose Apple Diet as with all diets, the diet of the Apple important thing is drink plenty of water. We recommend drinking at least two liters of water a day for full effectiveness.

This is a very effective diet, and that further detail can lose up to two kilos of weight in two days. But also allow you to rid the body of toxins, as the apple is food that greatly helps the body to achieve this goal.

But let us see why apples are so good. First, apples have a pleasant taste and not for nothing is one of the favorite fruits of the little kids. And as if this were not enough, the good taste of this fruit, you have to add its high nutritional value.
Apples contain vitamins and minerals essential for our body, such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, silica, vitamin A, C and E. They also have antioxidant properties. To enjoy the full benefit of this fruit, it is highly recommended that you eat the apple in its entirety, including the skin and heart, which are the parts that concentrate most of the nutrients.
Apples also have a high power to cure and prevent disease because, as mentioned above, its high content of nutrients. Have antioxidant properties and purification, as well as provide much energy. Hence, it is highly recommended for people who study, and to help them have better concentration and more vitality. Also, some studies have shown that apples have properties that can help prevent cancer. This is thanks to two phytochemicals found in the rind: flavonoids and polyphenols.
Apples also can help us lose weight. The apple diet is designed to be for five days, which should be eating an apple in the morning, another at lunch and another at dinner. Added to this you can eat cooked vegetables, soups, grilled meats and drinks without sugar, avoid fried foods, soft drinks, even if these are dietary carbohydrates and alcohol. At the end of five days, if you have followed the diet correctly, you have come to lose up to six kilos.
While weight loss is achieved with this diet, but not guaranteed to not return the lost weight once they have finished doing it. To maintain the ideal weight or who has arrived after finishing this diet is highly recommended that you eat a balanced diet that provides all the nutrients your body needs in the most suitable proportions and without excesses.
This diet is a diet cut and benefit the body if one wants to lose weight and detoxify. With the apple diet you can see quick results and, like all weight loss diets, the secret to success lies in maintaining a healthy, balanced diet after completing the scheme.

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