Water weight lose diet

 lose dietWater weight lose diet is considered one of the most effective diets for weight loss. As its name implies, is based on high consumption of water, hydrating the body. The hydration of the body has many benefits and has been shown that optimal consumption increases concentration and alertness, increased energy levels, improves sleep quality and endurance.
The principle is very basic, it is drink plenty of water throughout the day along with eating foods low in fat. But not only the water consumption is important.

Recent studies have found that the temperature and time of drinking water also affect weight loss. It is well known as a person have to drink eight glasses of water a day minimum, or equivalent, which would be about two liters of water.

This is mainly to hydrate our body and keep it healthy. Water consumption, related to weight loss, not only must be in amount, but drink at different temperatures (cold, hot or warm) and that these temperature variations determining the effect of water in weight regulation.
This consumption of water at different temperatures causes the thinning process is performed more quickly and is potentiality weight loss by 50%. Also, eating fruits and vegetables provide the body with water, as they have a high percentage of this element.
But to better understand the qualities of water depending on its temperature, then see each in more detail.
Hot water is intended to detoxify the body. Our body has organs that are responsible for the toxins at levels that increase. These organs such as liver, intestines, skin and lymph system. The hot water helps to ensure that these toxins leave these organs and circulate to be discarded, This is achieved thanks to the hot water increases the movements of the digestive tract which encourages the movement of toxins into the intestines for disposal. Also, by increasing the body temperature causes the pores open and release the accumulated toxins in the skin.
Warm water is the main function to suppress appetite. This is because when it reaches the stomach creates a feeling of satisfaction much more effective than hot or cold water and warm temperatures that drinking water does not the defense mechanism in the brain as do hot or cold . Another property is that being at this temperature, it can consume more, which will produce a feeling of fullness to remove hunger, reducing equally the snacks.
And finally, the cold water is to raise metabolic function, as the take is increased burning of calories because the body has to expend calories trying to raise the temperature of ingested water to absorb and that cells can use the .
Here are some tips for the diet of water is as effective as possible and achieve optimum results.

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