Tips for Over weight

Over weightEvery human over weight is a condition in which our body has more of the healthy body fat relative to height. The overweight is very common these days is on those groups who have a lifestyle with little or no physical activity, it is estimated that 2/3 of the North American population has over weight and the numbers are increasing.

Over weight caused by the accumulation of fat may affect the flexibility, appearance and movements of people
Causes of overweight

Most cases of over weight are because people’s metabolism is too slow, poor nutrition are overstepping those foods that should temper and lack of physical activity or work where you spend long hours sitting.
Dangers of Overweight

That many diseases and conditions caused by overweight, we will only name a few.
Reduced life expectancy in 4 to 5 years.
Increased risk of sudden death.
Increased blood cholesterol.
Kidney damage.
Circulatory failure.
Deficits of the defenses.
Increased uric acid and gout.
Difficult to breathe.
Cardiovascular disease.
Circulation problems.
Increased risk of cancer.
These and many more are the problems associated with over weight.

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