The Diet of Sex

The DietSex diet comes with a prize of gift and a delicious menu and low in calories, you have to follow the exercise plan more enjoyable to practice two. This scheme is a real ecstasy and thins over!
The diet of sex has two advantages you can practice as long as you like (or what you drop) and not only a perfect diet to cut calories but a complete exercise for whole body.

Here’s a menu diet type sex, but with your imagination and fantasy (and your partner) can get multiple combinations.
You must burn between 207 and 574 calories. Start with soft kisses (10 calories), some strokes (15 cal.) And a little romp between the sheets (20 cal.) Choose the clothes you are going to get 7 cal. and your partner the peel off gradually eliminates 25 cal. The morning shower, essential, depending on the intensity can range from 133 to 500 cal. burned. Remember that a standing posture are about 400 cal. burned).
To recover energy:
• Light version: 207 cal burned: a yogurt with whole grains, a piece of fruit and tea or coffee without sugar.
• Heavy Version: 574 cal. burned: orange juice, a few slices of ham and coffee with two lumps of sugar.
In summer it is great to make a snack before lunch. We recommend a special assortment of: hand games (4 cal.), Nips (14 cal), chupeteos (40 cal), normal kissing (10 cal) and passionate kisses (18 cal).

To recover energy
• Light version: 50 cal, a sugar-free soda and a ham tacos (no more than three).
• Heavy Version: 100 cal: a beer and olives.

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