The diet of beets

beetsThe watch your weight of beets, as you know this vegetable in some countries, is a diet to lose weight quickly. With the diet you can lose up beet 6 kilos in 10 days.
The diet of beets, is based on a diet low in fats and their secret is to drink twice a day (before lunch and before dinner) a glass of beet juice, carrot and orange.

The juice is prepared in a juice extractor machine with 6 beets or beets, 10 carrots and 10 oranges. You put in a container and keep it in the refrigerator.

The diet of beet can only be extended for a week or 2 or 3 days. Is contraindicated in people with diabetes, in people with kidney stones or gall, or any health problems. No rebound effect for your stomach to get used to eating less.
Before starting any weight loss program, consult your doctor.
Menu Diet beets
Here’s the menu for a week, if you decide to extend it for 2 or 3 days, repeat any of the menus.

• Breakfast: A cup of tea or coffee with skim milk, two pieces of toast.
• Lunch: Salad of raw vegetables and a potion cooked brown rice.
• Dinner: Vegetable soup and 1 apple
• Breakfast: Yogurt with cereal
• Meals: A serving of broiled or baked chicken with lettuce and tomato.
• Dinner: two baked potatoes and a fruit
• Breakfast: A cup of tea or coffee with skim milk, two pieces of toast
• Lunch: baked fish fillet or grilled with tomato salad.
• Dinner: Vegetable soup.
• Breakfast: Yogurt with cereal
• Lunch: 2 fillets of grilled chicken salad with lettuce and tomato.
• Dinner: A slice of cake with spinach and chard (pascualina)

• Breakfast: Yogurt with cereal or coffee with skim milk and two slices of toast.
• Food: fish fillet and a portion of brown rice
• Dinner: Baked or mashed pumpkin.
• Breakfast: Same as Friday.
• Food: Grilled lean meat 1 baked potato or boiled.
• Dinner: Puree cooked vegetables
• Breakfast: Yogurt with cereal
• Lunch: Grilled chicken with vegetable salad.
• Dinner: Salad of rice, potatoes, 1 egg and a tomato.
Foods to consume strictly:
• Decaffeinated coffee.
• Sugar substitute (sweetener)
• Milk powder (2 tablespoons for each 3 for coffee and cereal)
• Cereal fiber or corn (sugar)
• Yogurt
• Light Mayonnaise
• Cottage cheese
• To season the roast, add pepper, curry or any seasoning. Chew food slowly and enjoying them to whet the appetite.

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