The ABS Diet

dietThe abs diet, also known as ABS diet is a basic guide to strength training, good nutrition and exercise. While pretending to be something new, is based on old and effective principles that many athletes have followed for years.
The abs diet or diet ABS, can lose weight and improve overall conditioning, if followed correctly. This scheme focuses on eating healthy food in six meals a day diet belly first.
The abs diet or diet ABS, uses the power of various foods, these are:
• Almonds and other nuts
• Beans (beans) and pulses (legumes)

• Spinach and other vegetables
• Dairy (low or nonfat)
• Instant oatmeal without sugar
• Eggs
• Turkey and lean meats
• Natural Peanut Butter, sugar
• Olive Oil
• Bread and cereals
• extra protein whey powder
• Raspberries and other berries

The good thing about the Abs Diet or diet ABS
Emphasis on what you eat rather than what not to eat, which gives a positive approach and turns it into an eating plan for life.

Emphasizes the consumption of healthy foods low in calories and suppress hunger. Talk about taking care of the corn syrup consumption of high fructose, saturated fat, trans fat and refined carbohydrates.

The abs diet or diet ABS, fosters and promotes an exercise plan to ensure a complete and permanent weight loss.

Downside of the Abs Diet or Diet ABS
He criticizes the way they advertise to attract readers. Talking about changing eating habits quickly, but for all is not as easy.

Points especially to men, but does not imply that women can not follow the plan. However, some of the recipes are rather heavy in the content of testosterone.

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