Tips for Motivating Weight Loss

Weight LossA good motivation to take off the back of the sofa can be a complicated matter. Especially in this time of year is always easy to find the perfect excuse for both snuggle on the couch in front of the telly like to party, try all the cocktails of the happy-hours to leave the city or buying with friends … But to decide to lose weight is never an ideal time. You know what? Do not wait for New Year’s resolutions, you can start right now. Here are some tips that will increase your motivation to lose weight:
When shopping, how about parking the car as far as possible and walk instead of using the valet parking? Of course, make sure to wear comfortable shoes …

While you’re at the mall take the opportunity to acquire a spectacular outfit … a couple of sizes smaller than today. What better motivation than to look stunning on New Year’s party?
Discover the type of training that best suits your personality. In my case, I started practicing Zumba recently and I love it! It’s so funny and always entertaining look forward the next class. Maybe you want to hear anything sexier classes as Pole Dance or Belly Dance. How about something exciting and challenging as boxing, bootcamp, hiking or any other activity you away from the routine?
Trace your goal and focus your mind on achieving it in a given period of time, this will help you keep your course.
Sign up for any competition, a marathon, a triathlon, a dance contest … any activity that represents a challenge and enliven your motivation to continue on your way to weight loss to be in excellent shape.
Place a bet with a friend, with his better half, his mother, sister or neighbor, someone who wants to lose a few kilos. Agree to an award that really motivates them, whoever wins takes it all!

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