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DietsChinese food, vegetarian food, child nutrition, nutrition and health, feed, baby food, sports nutrition, sports nutrition, has created the Hypnotherapy section.
From an early age we are taught to walk, to read and write. Some will go to English classes, swimming, music and martial arts but … does anyone has ever suggested that we teach our children how to nurture?.
From child nutrition to sports nutrition needs for its development in one case and for maximum performance in another resort to feed properly and this brings us vegetarian food.
Bearing in mind that nutrition and health are directly related to vegetarian food.

Advertising is of course a means that determines a lot when opting for a food or other. Fortunately also announced pizzas and burgers are also beginning to talk about: feeds, baby food, sports nutrition, vegetarian food, Chinese food, fatty acids, cholesterol and general health and nutrition.
Hypnotherapy section has been divided into several sections to make it easy and understandable to locate the items, then you describe them briefly:
In the first section will discuss the main basic nutrients that should appear in our food to be healthy and balanced and are not limited to: Food additives, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, special nutrients, Proteins, Vitamins
Healthy diets
Food intolerances: Different problems related to food.
Relationship between diet and health: Our health and their relationship with food.
Short Diets: Diets of fasting, cleansing diets, anti-cholesterol diets, fattening diets, healthy diets, macrobiotic diets, diets remineralizing, revitalizing diets, slimming diets etc …
Dietary trends: Power from different points of view.
In the third section will discuss the various vegetarian food and nutrition, we have divided into: vegetable oils, algae, special foods, fermented foods, cereals, Sweeteners, Fruit, Nuts, Sprouts, Dairy, Milk Plant, Pulses, vegetable protein, vegetable Vegetables

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