Mixed Fruit Diet

Fruit, DietThe diet of papaya, mango and soursop is coupled with a diet that you can lose up to 10 kilos in 25 days.
It focuses exclusively on dinner. Breakfast and lunch can be continued as usual. However, if you want best results, you can follow a hypo caloric diet during this time.
The procedure is very simple, so that this diet does not require much effort and can be performed at any place and situation.

Fruit Diet

The diet of papaya, mango and soursop is divided into 3 phases-
Stage 1
5-day dinner only be papaya regardless of breakfast and lunch to feel full.
Stage 2
The next 5 days should eat mango or pita , also to feel completely satisfied.
Stage 3
In the past 15 days, dinner only to be satisfied sour sop.
Note that making this diet more than 25 days, since your calorie intake is very low and its extension could cause serious health disorders.
On the other hand, it is advisable to see a specialist to take advice and monitor the performance of this diet.

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