Melon diet

dietThe cleansing cures fruit are widespread in the field of health. Each fruit has different properties and nutrients. In the case of melon is rich in carbohydrates, potassium, and vitamins A and E.
The melon is a fruit of African origin, whose consumption has spread worldwide. One of its properties is to be purifying, so that experts recommend for cleaning the intestines. Because of its low caloric intake and diuretic power, is suitable for incorporation into diets.

The Cure melon is performed with the following objectives: to cleanse the body, promote skin health, prevent constipation and sedate the body, calming the nerves.
There are two ways to cure the melon:
1) Eat only watermelon for 24 hours, the desired amount.
2) Eat only melon at breakfast for a week. Then he stopped eating 5 days and the cycle is repeated as many times you want to reach your goal.

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