Medical conditions that make you Fat Loss

Medical Why many people do not lose weight or diets do not work, you do not follow the right program or because they do not comply as they should.
However, there are cases where even if you closely monitor what you eat and exercise regularly, continue to gain weight. If this is your case you may be experiencing a health problem that is affecting your system.

Weight gain may signal medical conditions that affect us and that can sabotage our best efforts to lose weight. Some of these medical conditions are:
* Polytheistic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
Women with PCOS have insulin resistance (IR), tend to gain weight very easily. The hormonal imbalance resulting from an overload of insulin promotes fat storage.
Some signs of the condition are: Jump or have very light periods, facial hair and frequent skin rashes. Most extra pounds accumulate in the abdomen.

For the treatment of PCOS are often prescribed medications to lower insulin and anti-conceptive pills that provide extra estrogen to counteract testosterone. In these cases we must maintain the level of blood sugar balanced by eating small meals several times a day. Exercise is also beneficial because it helps move the sugar into the muscles without the need for insulin.

*Under active hypothyroidism
The thyroid is a gland that handles the hormones that control metabolism. When the thyroid does not produce enough T3 and T4 thyroid hormones, the body begins to store fat.

Some symptoms of hypothyroidism are: cold and constant tiredness, raspy voice, the hair becomes thin, dry skin, you suffer from constipation and swelling in the legs and face. People with hypothyroidism may have also secretion of milk by the breasts, muscle aches and depression.

Treatment may involve the prescription of synthetic versions of T3 and T4, and take supplements that help thyroid function. To rule out if you suffer from hypothyroidism is necessary to conduct a laboratory test that measures the TSH thyroid stimulating hormone.

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