Lose weight fast diet fruit

Fast Diet FruitDo you want to lose weight fast, quick fruit diet can help you lose those extra pounds. This diet is only one day a week where you eat:

• Waking: Drink only diluted lemon juice in 1 cup warm water.

• At 10:00 am: Consume approximately 200 grams of fruits in season

• At 11:00 am: Drink the juice of an orange.

• Lunch: approximately 200 grams of fruit (eg, 1 large pear and apricot 200 g, or other kinds of fruits of the season).

• At 5:00 pm: Drink an infusion of mint or verbena with juice of 1 lemon and 1 tablespoon of honey instead of sugar.

• At 8:00 pm: 1 pear and 1 apple.

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