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Extra weightExtra weight around the hips and waist is actually the result of poor nutrition and low levels of exercise. Scientists say the decline from current levels of physical activity and exercise professionals and spend more time sitting at work have resulted in poor metabolism rates and often increase in obesity.

In fact, in a low metabolism may be a serious problem, since more fat cells remain trapped in the body of one and less muscle tone, leading to various pains and health problems.

However, even if you have time or last ten years that these overweight, there is no need for panic. Everything can return to normal as long as your level of metabolism can change. Pilates, and do not want to advertise but it is a great way to succeed in getting your body back to the right track and your mind to stop thinking about those chocolate cookies that was your desire to try every night before going to the 20th century, Joseph Pilates developed a fitness system known today around the world under his name: Pilates.According to its creator, Pilates is a method of using the mind to control muscles.

From focusing on the muscles that are responsible for the posture of a person, supporting the spine are the main objective of this set of fitness. Using drills of breath and alignment of the spine, Pilates is an integral experience physical, through which the body of a person learns, once again, the way of moving properly and coordinate the movements of the body through. So if you want to learn to use the skills of your body and rebuild your posture and improve your fitness level, Pilates is a great method to achieve these objectives.

Instead of focusing only on how to avoid consuming large quantities of food, now you can concentrate on how to use breathing to control muscles and posture. Taking into account not only the fact that genes play a crucial role in determining the ability of a body to move, but also their willingness to handle the excess amount of calories consumed, Pilates can be a great way to improve one’s skills.

Furthermore, according to recent studies poor eating habits have been the main and low levels of exercise have been increasing problem of obesity in people of all ages. Therefore, the need to find the exact line between food and healthy living has become paramount. Commit to improving your health by joining your local center Pilate’s equipment, soon you may feel satisfied with your choice of healthy hobby.

Pilates, even you can take to enjoy ice cream without having to worry about your weight will increase and your muscles will not be ready for a challenge of resistance. In fact, the realization of a simple set of Pilate’s exercises can keep you in a better metabolic rate and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

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