Lose weight diet of fruits

diet of fruitsThe Lose Weight diet of fruits exploits the properties of these tasty foods to help you lose the extra pounds, without having to make major sacrifices.

As you know, fruits are foods with features ideal for weight loss plans, as they have high nutritional value, have low heat, bring plenty of fluids, have a pleasant taste and the body easily assimilates.

If you follow the diet of fruit to the letter, without skipping any meals included in the scheme, you can download up to 4 kilos in a week.

The fruit diet is not recommended for people suffering from debilitating disease or condition. You should consult your doctor before starting the regime and not following the diet for more than 10 days.

For any physical discomfort or feeling of weakness should immediately interrupt.
Fruits allowed:
These are portions of fruit that you can include.
1 cup fruit salad
2 slices of watermelon
2 slices of melon
1 large or two small kiwi
1 grapefruit, large
1 orange, large
1 pear, medium.
1 apple, median
2 slices of pineapple (pineapple)
2 servings of fruit
2 servings of fruit and one of the following:
1. Two steamed hake fillets
2. A chicken breast grilled with lemon.
3. An egg and a clear baked or cooked in a nonstick skillet
4. Three slices of baked peceto or grilled tenderloin, wrapped in aluminum foil
5. A can of tuna to the natural
6. Two burgers, defatted, baked or grilled.
2 servings of fruit
2 servings of fruit and one of the following:
1. Three slices skim mozzarella
2. Two low-fat yogurt.
3. 50 gr. cream cheese
4. A cup of broth
5. Two glasses of skim milk
6. Two skim ricotta fruit.

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