Leave dinner to lose weight serious mistake!

Leave dinner to lose weight Bounce dinner or other main meal when dieting, not knowing that this is causing the opposite effect to seeking.
Stop dining is a big mistake, because contrary to what many think and do, rather than help them lose weight, make them earn it.
Although the short term you can lose a few grams, dinner stop fattening causes your body long term, since deleting a main meal, your body interprets it as a situation of hunger, becomes alert and keep fat stores providing some scarcity.
Skipping dinner also has negative consequences on health. It was found that an increased risk of obesity or diabetes in people who tend to skip this meal.

Know that when you stop eating, insulin production in the body increases, and more insulin, more food the body needs to fill. Consequently, you will come to breakfast with a ravenous appetite.

Obviously not eat one day, nothing happens, but if your body get used to skip dinner with some frequency, you’re hurting your health. Remember that one thing is that the dinner should be the smallest meal of the day and quite another to go to bed without eating.

Therefore, the answer to losing weight is not to stop eating, but to make light but balanced meals, consumed at least two hours before bedtime.

It is important to note that a light dinner does not mean eating only an apple or a yogurt. Ideally, include protein (eggs, meat or fish) with vegetables or legumes, and fruit or nonfat milk for dessert. Of course, this will be useful if the rest of the day also eat a balanced and without going to the amounts.

Finally it is important to know that when the body gets less food than they need, the metabolism gets used to work slower, ie, it is harder to burn calories and fat. Hence, many people tend to skip meals or who perform strict diets, then it costs them so much trouble losing weight.

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