Juice Recipes for Weight Lose Stomach

JuiceJuice recipes from a single fruit or a combination of different fruits and vegetables using a blender or juicer. You can also add some spices like pepper, cinnamon and cayenne pepper stimulates the metabolism. Try to implement some of these recipes in your juice diet to lose weight.

Passion of papaya.
To prepare the juice you need:

½ papaya

5 pitted dates

1 red apple

Stir well and serve cool in a bowl.

Flight of orange. This is a delicious alcohol-free juice is prepared with:

2 pears

1 potato

2 grapefruits

This is a very refreshing drink and also good for hangovers

Paradise Brokers. This drink, which provides significant resistance and strength is made with:

1 small yam

2 pears

3 oranges

This is a powerful push juice perfect for runners. This package nutritious, enzyme-rich juice is known for providing energy.

Taste of Heaven. This refreshing juice is made from:

2 carrots

2 blocks

1 sweet potato soft

1 pinch of powdered sweet

Mix all ingredients and garnish juice with a slice of Spanish onion.

Strawberry Delight. Mix the following ingredients for a delicious juice:

4-8 strawberries

8-10 dates

1-2 bananas

This juice is very tasty and refreshing and prompt a bit your energy levels.

Citrus celery. Mix these ingredients:

4 stalks celery, fresh green

2 medium apples

8-10 strawberries

½ cup fresh orange juice (preferably with pulp)

If you do not like pulp, you must make an effort with this juice. However this benefit more if you eat canned food and juices to lose weight without effort because the pulp contains loads of fiber and we all know how beneficial is the fiber for healthy digestion and regulation in bowel movements.

Calcium beverage. You can make a drink rich in calcium using these ingredients:

3 medium carrots

1 (2 cup fresh broccoli pieces

1 apple

½ lemon

A small bunch parsley

Potassium beverage. This refreshing juice is rich in vitamins and potassium. Mixing the following:

1 stalk of celery

4 medium carrots

1 bunch fresh spinach

1 bunch fresh parsley

½ lemon

This natural juice will help you lose fat and lose weight at the same time will energize your body with vital nutrients.

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