How many calories to eat to lose weight?

lose weightIf you take decided to start a diet to lose weight, you will surely be interested to know when to start seeing results. Several factors influence the speed with which they lose weight, including: sex, age, height, weight and daily activity level.
But there are ways to determine how many calories we should consume daily maximum to lose some kilos, in a given period of time.
To explore this feature keep in mind that a kilo of fat represents approximately 7200 calories, so if you want to lose a kilo a week, you subtract 1000 calories to daily calories needed per day, according to your characteristics. In case you do not want to do such a strict diet, you can deduct those calories by doing exercises that allow you to burn fat and lose weight.

With the following tool can calculate how many calories you consume to lose weight in time you’ve proposed. Keep in mind that all the calories you consume below that figure will represent a small loss of weight and all-you-over it, they will become fat, unless you increase your level of physical activity with exercise.
Follow these simple instructions and make your calculations.
1. Choose the type of measures you prefer to use: pounds and inches or kilograms and centimeters. It uses the top buttons of the calculator of calories. below.
2. Select your gender and enter your age, weight and height, as well as your activity level:
3. Press the calculate button and get your results immediately.
The calorie calculator will give you three numbers:
• The first is the daily cost of your basal metabolic rate. Refers to the minimum calories you need according to your weight and height.
• The second is the actual amount of calories you need to maintain your current weight, considering your level of activity.
• And the third is the maximum daily amount of calories you should consume to lose a pound a week.

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