Fruit detox diet for lose weight

Fruit detox dietFruit detox diet is a good choice for cleansing the liver, kidneys and intestines. This diet will help you renew your body fluids and you can also lose weight with it.
The fruit detox diet is ideal to take in times of heat. It lasts 27 days in its long and 21 days in its reduced version.

The fruit detox diet has very good results, but your body must first be prepared. For this reason it is not recommended for people who do not have a little experience in diets.
The detox diet fruit allowed only cantaloupes, watermelons, lemons, papayas, water and honey.
Plan 27 days of the detox diet fruit
• Days 1-3: Eating alone cantaloupes. Are mild and laxatives.
• Days 4-6: Eat only watermelon. It refreshes the body and work on your liver and kidneys.
• Days 7-9: Eat only papayas. Work in your intestines and digestion.
• Days 10-12: Drink only lemon and honey dissolved in water. This will clean the system of excess mucus. Do not eat any solid food.
• Days 13-15: Drink only plain water. Do not drink cold or with ice.
• Days 16-18: The process backwards!. Drink water with lemon and honey and nothing else.
• Days 19-21: Eat only papayas.
• Days 22-24: Eat only watermelon.
• Days 25-27: Eat only cantaloupes.

When you finish a fruit detox diet, you should start eating only fruit at first and gradually add yogurt if you wish and then vegetables.

Start eating very slowly and cautiously. Do not eat nuts and grains now, it would be counterproductive. We recommend massaging the body with almond oil often during the diet.

The fruit detox diet can be quite strenuous, for that reason may be modified or reduced to a 21-day plan will be easier. In this case you do only one day in each of the three main stages (days 10-12, 13-15 and 16-18), instead of three days.

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