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Protein DietFlash Diet is a protein diet that is touted as the last diet. Give a quick weight loss promises to be more effective than the famous and controversial Dukan diet . Flash is a dietary regimen that is gaining strength and has been used by celebrities like Victoria Beckham.
Flash Diet is a diet to lose some weight, is indicated for serious problems of obesity. With her weight loss is achieved between 10 and 30 kilos in three or four months, says its creator, Dr. Manuel, who touted as a rehabilitation treatment that teaches eat and allows a large reduction in weight without starving and without suffering rebound.

Flash diet offers a drastic reduction in carbohydrates to cause the production of ketone bodies (ketosis). By NOT be a personalized diet, balanced and sustainable long term, could be classified among fad diets or miracle diets.

The diet advocates argue that Flash is no risk of suffering nutritional deficiencies, because it includes making protein prepared without fat, which are supplemented with vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids. These preparations are produced by traders in the same diet and provided in the early stages of this.

Before Flash diet, the health check is essential to check the metabolic state, rule out contraindications and set goals of weight loss. This diet should be imposed by a specialist in proteins diets.

Flash Diet consists of three stages:
1) Phase Weight Loss: Its duration varies according to weight loss is required, it eliminates 80% of overweight.
2) Food Rehabilitation: This phase continues to lose the remaining weight, while entering into any kind of diet food and adopting new dietary habits that help maintain weight loss.
3) Maintenance: Allows you to achieve a balanced diet, maintain the results and improve the quality of life.

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